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Hamptons New York.This Tour is designed for those who wish to visit Long Island and the Hamptons, where the massive Mansions are located.  On the way out to the Hamptons, you can also visit the Gold Coast – area where historical Mansions are located.  And some of our Guests have also visited Long Island Wineries, as well on this Tour.  It’s all up to you, the length of your Tour, and your schedule.


Long Island is 118 Miles long and it begins just across the East River from Manhattan.  The eastern tip of Long Island is a fork.  On the North Fork, there are over 22 Wineries for you to enjoy.  On the South Fork is where the Hamptons are located, including East Hampton – South Hampton – West Hampton - Bridgehampton.  There are some wineries located on the South Fork for you to consider enjoying Wine Tasting, as well.


This Tour is usually 8 – 10 Hours, depending on how many stops you wish to make, how long you wish to see the beauty of the Hamptons and the Mansions. It’s all up to you.



Pick-Up can be at your Hotel, a coffee shop, a store, or from a restaurant.  It’s up to you.  Drop-Off can be either at your Hotel, or at a New York City restaurant.  We are glad to recommend and make reservations at a restaurant local New Yorkers enjoy.


Your Tour will begin by your Driver/Tour Guide pointing out on a New York City Map the Geographical Layout of Manhattan, the Boroughs, Neighborhoods, and Long Island. And then we customize a Tour specifically designed for you and your interests.  You will then be driven out to Long Island where you may consider visiting some Mansions on the Northern Shore of Long Island (known as the ‘Gold Coast’), prior to heading out to the Hamptons.  Or we can drive you directly to the Hamptons.  It’s all up to you and what you wish to see.


Some of our Guests have also enjoyed visiting a winery or two while on this Hamptons Tour.  Some of our Guests have purchased bottles, and cases of wine while on this Tour.  It’s a very enjoyable and memorable Tour.   Lunch at a Long Island restaurant can be arranged, or we can arrange for you to enjoy a Tour and lunch at one of the many Wineries. 


If you only wish to visit the Famous Mansions (known as the ‘Gold Coast’) and then return to Manhattan, we are glad to accommodate your wishes.  This Tour can be accomplished in 4 – 6 Hours; depending on how many Mansions you wish to visit. 


All of our Enthusiastic, Entertaining and Knowledgeable Drivers are Licensed NYC Tour Guides, and English is their Native Language. (Foreign Language Tours can be arranged).


Please allow us the privilege of Touring you and your group throughout the interesting island of Long Island! 

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