This Tour is designed for those who wish to see some of the Boroughs outside of Manhattan.  This Tour is usually 4 – 7 Hours depending on how many stops you wish to make, how many Boroughs you wish to visit, and how much of each Borough you wish to see. All our Tours are Specifically Designed for you!  No two Tours are alike as all our Guests have different interests.  If you wish to have lunch while on Tour, arrangements can be made.


Your Tour will begin by your Driver/Tour Guide asking questions such as:  “How many times have you visited New York City?  What have you seen since you’ve arrived? What is it that is most important for you to see and do?  Which Boroughs do you wish to visit?”  Then, we point out on a New York City Map the Geographical Layout of Manhattan, the Boroughs, and Neighborhoods.  And then we customize a Tour specifically designed for you and your interests. If you have a list of Boroughs, Sites, Stores, Delis, and Neighborhoods you wish to visit, we are here to accommodate your wishes.




Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations can be your Hotel, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Store, Broadway Play, a Neighborhood, or wherever you desire.  It’s all up to you!



The Bronx is located north of Manhattan, across the Harlem River. It Named after Jonas Bronck who purchased land from the Indians here in the 1630’s. It is the only Borough of New York City that is attached to the mainland of America.  Here you can see:  Yankee Stadium, Arthur Avenue (the ‘real’ Little Italy), Bronx Botanical Garden, Edgar Allen Poe’s House, The Grand Concourse, The Hall of Fame of Great Americans, Wave Hill (28 acres of garden which is also the former home of Teddy Roosevelt, and Mark Twain), City Island (New England Fishing Village in New York City), Bronx Zoo.


Queens is located just east of Manhattan across the East River.  It received its name from the British who named it after the King’s Queen in the 1700’s.  Here you can see: Astoria (Greek area of New York City), Shea Stadium (where the NY Mets play), Jazz History Museum – Home of Louis Armstrong, The World’s Fair Grounds, Flushing Meadows Park, The Museum of Moving Image, The Museum of Science, and Archie Bunker’s house.  We invite you to select which one of these sites you wish to see and visit.  If you’d like us to select which sites we believe you’ll appreciate the most, we will arrange such a tour. 


Brooklyn is located south east of Manhattan across the East River.  Here you can see: Brooklyn Heights – Fulton Ferry Landing – Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, Brighton Beach – great Russian food, Bay Ridge (Italian Neighborhood from ‘Saturday Night Fever’, where Pizza was born), Site where Ebbets Field was located (Brooklyn Dodgers Played here) Atlantic Avenue, Williamsburg, Green Point, and Dumbo.  We invite you to select which one of these sites you are most interested in seeing and we’ll customize your Tour to meet your desires.


Staten Island is located south of Manhattan.  Here you can see: Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island Zoo, Yankee Farm Team Stadium, Richmond Town (like Williamsburg, recreating New York City from the 1600’s).  If you have a list of what you’d like to see on Staten Island, please let us know, as we are glad to accommodate your wishes.




Throughout your Tour we will point out on the Map specifically where we are located in respect to your Hotel so you fully understand where places are located. During your Tour we'll point out the contrast in Architecture, which makes the Boroughs so unique and interesting, as no two Neighborhoods are exactly alike. We'll also recommend local restaurants within each Neighborhood where you may consider dining while you’re visiting New York City. We're glad to make reservations for you, as well.


If at any time you wish to enter a Store, Deli, or get out of your Tour vehicle to take photographs, Shop or browse a Neighborhood you are welcome to do so. We highly encourage bringing your camera, as there are so many photogenic buildings and sites throughout the Boroughs of the City.


All of our Enthusiastic, Entertaining and Knowledgeable Drivers are Licensed NYC Tour Guides, and English is their Native Language. (Foreign Language Tours can be arranged).

Please allow us the privilege of Touring you and your group throughout the Boroughs of New York!


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